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Frequently Asked Questions


What is your approach?

My approach is Cinematic. I like crafting proper love films with your story. I'd like to be almost invisible, basically a ninja with a camera

My main ingredients are strong emotions, cinematic visuals and beautiful music

What is a Cinematic Film?

The Cinematic Film is a highlight film of your event, taking the best parts and compiling them to create an appealing story to watch and my goal is to make you cry and laugh at the same time

What is a Feature Film?

The feature film its more in chronological order, see the day how it actually went

What is RAW files?

During your event I can capture many moments, but not all of them will be in the final Cinematic Film. That's why I give you the option to purchase all the clips of the day. I will give you a hard disk with all the video clips in it (EXCEPT FOOTAGE OF THE SPEECHES, THOSE CAN BE PURCHASED SEPERATELY)

What is a Save the Date Film?

The Save the Date Film serves to mark your wedding date on the calendar. It's a separate day of shooting in your chosen location, months before the actual main event, and it can be used as Video Invitations to send to your friends and family. If you book The Premium Wedding Package you have Save the Date included

What is a Same Day Edit?

The Same Day Edit is a film produced on the day and showed in the reception! We will have a professional editor with us on the day of your wedding

What are your payment methods?

To secure your day, we require 50% deposit, doing so we fully close the date just for you. The remaining balance will be due one week after the main shoot

Do you do payment plans?

Yes we do. If you book us more than 10 months ahead we can offer you 25% x 4 payments

How far in advance should I book you?

The earlier you book the better, but if you require our services in a short time and we are available you can definitely count on us

What kind of technology do you use?

For filming we use Canon system. Two Full HD Cameras, electronic gimbal, Mavic Pro drone and several lenses

Do you do Destination Weddings?

Yes! Specially Italy and the Philippines. We are happy to follow you in a beautiful location and tell you beautiful story

For how long do I need to wait to receive my Film?

We work the right time for your Films but still give you back your investments as soon as possible. Approx 6 to 8 weeks time

Do you do Elopement Weddings?

Big weddings are not for everyone, sometimes you'd like to have a more private and intimate event. Saying this we don't want you to miss having a wedding film to rewatch and to revive in the future. So yes, we do

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